Thursday, July 4, 2013

Microstock Websites

One way to keep up your income on the Web is to sell your photos on microstock photography websites.

Here is a list of websites with links.

Note the name of the site and type it into Google for more information.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fake Writing

Instructor Nightmares

Cheating 101: Internet Paper Mills
This list of active Internet term paper and essay sites was compiled as part of a Teaching Effectiveness Seminar on cheating, plagiarism and Internet paper mills. The list is provided as a convenience for faculty, in order for them to be aware of the vast variety of resources out on the Internet that are tempting their students.

When this list started in March 1999, it had 35 sites on it. Currently, November 2006, there are over 250 general sites listed below. Subject specific sites are listed at Internet Subject Specific Paper Mills.

Students: read the warnings at these sites. If you turn in one of these papers as your own work, you are plagiarizing. If you need help with research, ask the experts at Coastal Carolina University (professors, librarians, Writing Center personnel, etc.). You are capable of producing work that is much better than what is offered at these sites.

These are business sites, they exist for one purpose, to make money off you. They don't care about your grades, your integrity, or your problems, despite their assurances to the contrary. They want your cash or credit cards. Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware).

Disclaimer: This list is updated every six months. We are not responsible for any changes to content or purpose that these sites might make between updates.

    007 Term Papers
    100 Percent Custom Term Papers
    A1 Termpapers
    A & B Term Paper Specialists
    Absolute Essays and Student Research Guides
    Academic Library
    Academic TermPapers
    Academic Writing
    Accepted Papers
    ACE Your Paper
    ACI Writing Assistance Center
    Affordable Term papers
    All Custom Papers
    All Experts
    or All Experts
    All Free Student Essay Network
    Best essays
    Best term papers
    Big Nerds
    Bright Minds Network
    The Bull Shipper
    Buy Papers Book Summaries
    ChuckIII's College Resources (free)
    Coshe Database
    Custom Papers
    Custom Paper Cafe
    Custom Research Papers *Site Temp Unavailable*
    Direct Essays
    Dissertation Experts
    The Doctor
    Edit My Paper
    Essay City
    Essay Depot (free)
    Essay Edge
    Essay Empire
    Essay Forum
    Essay Link Database
    Essay Mania
    Essay Organization (free)
    Essay Trader
    EssayWorld (free)
    Essays from the Shadows
    Example Essays
    Fast Pepers
    Field of Themes - Everything Shakespeare
    Find Free Papers
    Flash Papers
    Flying Moose
    Free A-Level Essays
    Free College Essays
    Free Essays
    Free Essay Network

    Network is composed of the sites listed below:
    A+ Essays
    Creative Essays
    EZ Essays
    Hot Essays
    Instant Essays
    Joe's Essays
    Killer Essays
    Student Papers

    Free for Essays
    Free Online Research Papers
    Free Papers
    Free Reports and Essays
    Free Term Papers, Research Papers, and College Essays
    Genius Papers
    Get Free Essays
    Ghost Papers
    Grade A Papers
    Ghost Papers
    Hey Essay
    History Papers (.com)
    History Papers (.net) Term Paper Writing Center
    Itchy Brains
    JFK Papers
    "Jim, the Friendly Research Assistant"
    Jungle Page
    Knowledge Reports (aka Research Assistance)
    Lazy Students
    Mad Papers
    Master Papers
    Model Term
    Monster Papers
    Most Popular Term Papers
    My Essays
    My Free Essays
    My Great Essays
    My Term Papers
    My Research
    Net Essays
    Nice Term Paper
    Non-Plagiarized College Term Papers
    Online Essays
    Order Essays
    Paper Experts Inc.

    Paper Experts, Inc. operates the sites listed below:
    ABC Papers
    Amazing Papers
    Express Papers
    Guaranteed Papers
    Impact Papers
    Next Day Papers
    Order Any Papers
    Order Papers
    Paper Campus
    Paper Doctors
    Paper Tutors
    Skilled Writers
    Superior Termpapers
    Termpaper Experts

    Paper Fetcher
    Paper Lackey
    Paper Pimp
    Papers Highway
    Papers Papers
    The Paper Post
    Papers Unlimited
    Paper Store Enterprises

    Operates a variety of sites listed below:
    A1 Reports
    Do You Need A Term Paper?
    Don't Copy
    Essays-Termpapers 2 Go
    Phuck School
    Thousands of Papers
    Perfect Term Papers
    Planet Papers
    The Paper Post
    Research Assistance
    Read Our Papers
    Research Haven
    Research Papers Online
    RozmanzEssayz (site may contain adult advertisements)
    School Paper
    School Sucks
    School Sucks 2006-2007
    Speedy Research
    Student Essays
    Study Area
    Superior Papers
    Swap Term Papers
    Tailored Essays
    Term Paper
    Term Paper Blues
    Term Paper Helpline
    Term Paper Hotline
    Term Paper Masters
    Termpaper Shortcut
    Term Paper Sites (megasite)
    Term Papers 4U
    Term Papers College
    Term Papers Corner
    Term Papers Highway
    Term Papers Lab
    Term Papers - Term Papers

    Network is composed of the sites listed below:
    24 Hour TermPapers
    Accepted Papers
    Literature Papers
    Papers Inn
    Thesis Writing and Research Services
    Top Term Paper Sites

    Top Term Paper Sites (Network)

    Network is composed of the sites listed below:
    (Ed. Note: the grammar and word choices indicate that English may not be their first language)
    0 to All Research
    007 Essay
    1 Man Papers
    1 to 1 Hassle Free Essays
    1 StopPapers
    1derful Book Reports
    2 Good!
    4 Best Essays
    7 Day Research Papers
    11th Hour Research Papers
    360 Degree Thesis Writing
    A Grade Reports
    Action Papers
    Awesome Essays
    Best Essays
    Clever Essays
    Click Papers
    College Way
    Cool Term Papers
    Custom Thesis
    Cute Book Reports
    Dissertation Assistant
    Dissertation Store
    Dissertation Help
    Essay Paper Sites
    Essays Heaven
    Essays N Essays
    Essays on Time
    Essay Relief
    Fast Book Reports
    Fine Dissertations
    Great Term Papers
    Ivy Research Papers
    Mr. Essay
    Research Papers
    Same Day Research
    School Book Report
    School Student English
    Term Paper Fortune
    Term Paper Garage
    Term Paper Heaven
    Term Paper House
    Term Paper Time
    Term Papers Avenue
    Term Papers Bazaar
    Term Papers Delight
    Term Papers 4U
    Term Papers Inn
    Term Papers N Term
    Term Paper Relief
    Term Papers Way
    Thesis Assistant
    Thesis Master
    Wonder Free College
    Worldclass Term Papers
    Write a Term Paper

    Topical Paradise
    Urgent Research and Term Papers
    Writer's Coach

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photography Job Opportunity Tuesday

I'd like to make some more money at documentary photography. A documentary photographer takes photographs that reflect the realism of a situation and that communicate emotions of human or animal struggles in their environment. The photographer may have to work in a war zone or in a poor inner city neighborhood.

I just read that the best way to make money in documentary photography is to write a proposal for a grant.

What do you need to do in order to get a documentary photography grant? There's some great information here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter to Ask for Book Review

Here's a letter I sent to the book reviewer at the SF Chronicle asking for him to review my book, 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco.

Hi John,

I'm Matt Bamberg, author of 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco. With all of the shutterbugs in the Bay Area, I think a book about both digital photography and San Francisco would be a draw for readers of the San Francisco Chronicle.

With that said and done, I writing to you to inquire about a review of my book in the SF Chronicle.

In the 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco readers learn where to find and shoot the breathtaking views, offbeat street scenes and stunning architecture of the city. All the research, location scouting (there are Muni directions for every photo op), and planning have been done so that readers can concentrate on the technicalities of the picture from shutter speed to aperture. Equal parts photo essay and how-to, the book is meant to complement traditional city guidebooks.

The book is for locals and visitors alike. There are sample photos, each with a full set of camera settings to emulate the photo. Whether readers want to develop their photography skills or just want to go to different locations to take some good shots, this book details everything you want to know about photographing San Francisco.

Thanks for taking the time to read my pitch. I can have a book sent to you ASAP if you're interested.

Best regards,

Matt Bamberg
Author, 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco
Author, 101 Quick and Easy Secrets to Create Winning Photographs

University Photographer Job

Just found the following job on Twitter:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photography Job Opportunity Tuesday

It's Tuesday! Today I offer some advice for wedding photographers. Making money as a wedding photographer means managing your time well from preparing for a shoot to postprocessing. Here are some other keys to wedding photography success:

1. Offer low prices.
2. Create a well-timed presentation to clients.
3. Use narrative in your photos.
4. Create ez pricing.
5. Create quick photo-art albums of wedding photos.
6. Use the Internet to market your business.
7. Don't participate in bridal shows.
8. Don't spend much time postprocessing your photos.

There's a DVD you can buy that goes further into how to make a lot of money as a wedding photographer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Get a Book Signing in a Major Bookstore

It's been a busy day in making-money-with-photography land. I finally got to arranging for my first book signing. I called the Rancho Mirage, CA Barnes and Nobel and asked if they could host a signing for my two books, 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco and 101 Quick and Easy Secrets to Create Winning Photographs. Since I'm teaching a class at UCR in photography in May and need as many students as I can get, I told the Costumer Relations Manager (CRM) at the store about it.

Here's the email I sent him:

Hi Dan,

Thanks for talking with me this afternoon about book signings for my two books, "50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco, " which came out in January and "101 Quick and Easy Secrets to Create Winning Photographs," which comes out April 9th.

The "Quick and Easy" book is the first of a series of books.

I'd like to have both books available for purchase at a book signing that, if possible, takes place in late April. I can do a photography seminar if you want, or just counsel people about their cameras.

I'll be teaching a photography class at UCR that starts in May. The class is listed at

I used to write for the Desert Sun and know an editor there who I have spoken to regarding a story about the book series, my class and the book signing.

The article will be published before the book signing.

I'd like to get the books signings in before the class starts.

Thanks for looking into this.

Best regards,

Matt Bamberg

It's much easier to get a book signing for a book with an ISBN number, or a book published by a major publisher. Sometimes they do self-published books, but my guess is that they only do them if they're selling well elsewhere.

Now, book signings aren't the best way to sell a lot of books, but they can help. Of course, it helps to be famous (say, like Joan Rivers). They can be somewhat successful if you have an online presence (so people can find you on the Internet and buy your book when they hear about it) and, if you can get the local press to back you up (write stories about you or have you on a local TV/radio show).

Please comment on any experiences you've had at book signings, whether you've been to one or have had one. Do you think you can sell hundreds of books this way?