Monday, February 11, 2008

Five Ways to Make Money with Your Photography

1. Upload your photos to a stock photography site.
2. Make cards to hand out to people with your personal info and types of photography you do.
3. Make your photos into cards and sell them locally.
4. Type in "photo submissions" into Google and then submit photography to the sites listed.
5. Sell your photos on ebay.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tips for Selling Digital Photography on Ebay

They're selling digital photography on ebay by image resolution. Many sellers are listing their art work for sale as a jpeg photo delivered by email on the internet. They state that they are delivered at "highest quality jpeg level." This is how the stock photography sites like does it. Last, they're charging a buck a print.

I haven't tried this yet. But it's on my list of things to do.

Canvas prints are running about $20. More later...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting Your Photography Book Published

Well, here it is 3 years after the publication of my first book, Digital Art Photography for Dummies. Since then, after trying for a deal with an agent in New York to get a number of works published, I gave up and moved on to another agent.

I'm having better luck with the new agent.

You see there's two ways to get a book deal. The first is to write a proposal or manuscript, find an agent, then have the agent submit your work to various publishers. This is what I tried to do with the agent I had who I just recently left. I had no luck.

The second way to get a book published is have the publisher come to you through an agent. My very first agent (I've had three) got me a book deal after the publisher came to him with an idea. That idea was given to me to develop, which I did by writing a Table of Contents. The publisher liked it and, viola, I got the deal.

The same thing is happening now with the book deal I'm on the edge of getting.

Wish me luck!