Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting Your Photography Book Published

Well, here it is 3 years after the publication of my first book, Digital Art Photography for Dummies. Since then, after trying for a deal with an agent in New York to get a number of works published, I gave up and moved on to another agent.

I'm having better luck with the new agent.

You see there's two ways to get a book deal. The first is to write a proposal or manuscript, find an agent, then have the agent submit your work to various publishers. This is what I tried to do with the agent I had who I just recently left. I had no luck.

The second way to get a book published is have the publisher come to you through an agent. My very first agent (I've had three) got me a book deal after the publisher came to him with an idea. That idea was given to me to develop, which I did by writing a Table of Contents. The publisher liked it and, viola, I got the deal.

The same thing is happening now with the book deal I'm on the edge of getting.

Wish me luck!