Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Freelance Photography Jobs for Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Tuesday. I just got an Epson 9800 printer and am printing out images that are 30 inches X 40 inches. I want to make some money with this new printer as it was $5000. The prints are amazing, especially because I use Epson premium glossy photo paper (it comes in rolls for this printer).

If you feel the need to blow up some images, drop me a note at matthewbam@aol.com and I'm sure I can help you for very reasonable prices.

In the meantime if you're curious about jobs...here's today's list:

Assistant Photo Editor in New York City for Bravo TV network

Freelance Photo Editor who knows Photoshop in New York City
Photographer of sensual (non-sexual) photos in Palm Springs, CA
Stock Photography Intern in San Diego
Photo Editor for Wedding photographer in San Diego, $15/hr
Photo Studio Assistant in San Diego
Sports Photographer in Boston
Portrait Photographer in Houston
Retail Photo Manager at Ritz Camera

Good luck!