Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book Promotion for Beginners

If your an average Web user and you want to promote your new book so you can make some money with it; you'll appreciate the efforts I'm making (and writing about) to promote my photography books.

Here's an update on my book promotion efforts:

Amazon--Well, I sent out my letter to a couple of Amazon reviewers (see yesterday's post) to review my book "50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco." I heard back from one of them so I was glad. I immediately emailed the marketing person at Cengage Learning (my publisher) to send a book out to this person. a constant search for a hosting company I looked over and I'm considering going with them to get a domain name and to use their Web page building utilities. I liked their sample Web pages.

Google Site Builder--I know for sure that I'm not going to make a Google page, because I don't like their samples and the URLs that they give you are tedious. Google Site Builder is here.

Wordpress--I'm finding much happiness, though, in my new Wordpress blog, 101 Quick and Easy Secrets. I got 5 comments on my latest post--all spam--and Wordpress took them out automatically and put them in a spam folder. Plus, their graphics and text are dynamite! Wordpress is here.